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Infoline and Appointments
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     Preliminary Appointment - garants your confort.
     We're appreciating your time, that's why we propose you to do an appointment at date and time for examination or consultation that you need.
     We recommend to start your visit with consultation of our general practitioner (internist) that will determine your current health state and your going on.
     Arrive early.
     We recommend to be present with 10-15 min earlyer that your appoitment time, needed to complete all registration formalities and to accommodate and concentrate your attention to the examination.
     If you're expecting to arrive late and next time-slot examination is already reserved for another patient, we'll be constrained to reduce time of your examination or to reschedule your examination for another day/time available because of to not disturb next patient's appointments.
     Canceling appointment.
     In case when you don't have time to came at scheduled examination, please contact us at phone 022 84-00-00, to inform us about that as soon it is possible, just to be able to offer this so needed examination time to another patient.
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Infoline and Appointments
84 00 00
bd. Negruzzi 4/2
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