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MRI 3T Neurography of the brachial plexus
MRI 3T Neurography of the brachial plexuseurografia plexului
     With the help of 3D research methods through the MRI 3T, a complex view of the brachial plexus is possible, with anatomical evaluation and determination of pathological changes.

     Due to the equipment available at the CDG, complicated MRI (Siemens 3T Skyra) as well as efforts of the  medical specialists, the imagists team of the CDG implemented and performed scanning protocol of the brachial plexus and its branches (High resolution 3T MR Neurography) in accordance with international requirements.

     According to the reference literature, the MRI neuroimaging is widely used to confirm clinical suspicion of neuropathy, through visual assessment of nerve trace or muscle changes associated with their denervation, assessment of the pathological affection degree.

     Affections of the brachial plexus are classified depending on their anatomical location in relation to the clavicles: supraclavicular, subclavicular and interclavicular affections. Diffuse lesions of the brachial plexus can occur in case of trauma or post-radial neuropathy.
Brachial plexus anatomy is extremely complex and may suffer from various pathologies. Magnetic resonance 3T plays an important role in the algorithm of plexus pathologies diagnosing allowing early diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Indications for the MRI Neurography:

     • patients with  a nonspecific pain of the shoulder or arm, numbness, when the electromyography and regular MRI of the cervical section showed no pathological changes and it is necessary to confirm or exclude the brachial plexus plexopathy.
     • assessment of anatomy and confirmation of morphological of the brachial plexus pathology.
     • assessment and space localization referred to the brachial plexus of the affects such as hematoma, brain tumors, metastatic affects.
     • assessment and differentiation of mechanical injuries (traumas) of the brachial plexus.
     • preoperative preparation and postoperative assessment of patients with brachial plexus traumas.

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Infoline and Appointments
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bd. Negruzzi 4/2
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