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1. What is Mammography ?
     Mammography is the best radiological method currently available for detecting breast cancer in its early stage, and analysis of advanced breast cancer. As it is known, some types of malignant tumors, especially those in the early stages of development, do not give symptoms; thus breast examination by mammography shall become a habit, in particular for women after 35 years of age.

     Mammography does not allow visualization of cystic formations of up to 1 cm in diameter. It is prescribed only for breast cancer detection!

     Mammography is performed using a special device called mammograph which allows detailed visualization of the mammary gland tissue due to X-rays use. The dose of radiation is very low and does not involve side effects, even if the examination is undergone every year for a period exceeding 10 years.
     The mammography is quick, easy and painless. Breast radiography takes place as follows: attached to the mammograph Mammomat 3000 Nova device is a plastic device where the breast is placed and compressed. Even though the procedure may create some disturbance, it is absolutely necessary, because the thinner the layer is, the smaller the amount of X-radiation used is.. Pressing the breast is not harmful, but extremely beneficial to detect a tumor in its early stages, before the symptoms appear. After positioning and compressing the breast, the technician will go behind a clear plastic guardrail and will ask you not to breathe a few seconds, when the breast radiography is performed.
     For a full examination of both breasts, two exposures for each breast will be performed. As a result, you get two screenings for each breast.
     At the German Diagnostic Center, mammography can be performed for women who have breast implants with silicone or gel. Also, with a well developed information system and a highly effective BARCO monitor that has a resolution of 5 MPi, the radiologist can adjust the image obtained after the investigation to the due requirements, using maximum zoom.
     The result of the investigation is handed out on a special mammography film, available only in the German Diagnotic Center, because state hospitals do not have mammographs. This allows a better visualization of the changes that have occurred in the breasts. Subsequently, the image on the film will be examined by the breast physician, who will make the final decision on the required treatment method.
     Given the fact that mammography is carried out with X-rays, this investigation is not recommended to people younger than 35 years. Only if you have a family member who has suffered from breast cancer, or a strict prescription from breast physician, you can perform the investigation earlier the recommended age. Women aged 40-49 should do the investigation every 1 year and a half, and after the age of 50 years, mammography should be performed every year.

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Infoline and Appointments
84 00 00
bd. Negruzzi 4/2
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