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4. CDG equipment
     SIEMENS MAGNETOM AVANTO 1.5T is the first Magnetic Resonance device with 1.5 Tesla magnetic field strength in the Republic of Moldova installed in 2009 at the German Diagnostic Centre which until today is the best equipped and powerful 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance device in the country. Siemens Magnetom Avanto allows visualization of the location and extension of lesions in digital images and 3D format that provides the physicians with the ability to establish accurately the diagnosis.
     MAGNETOM AVANTO 1.5T SQ76×32 is a Magnetic Resonance system with 1.5 Tesla strength and the widest range of clinical applications. The device provides a good quality of 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging, high-speed data receipt and processing in order to establish a clear and indisputable final diagnostic imaging.

     Siemens Magnetom Avanto with 1.5 Tesla strength belongs to the first category of systems, allowing better specification of relations and expansion of a lesion. It is used to study diseases of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, vessels, mammary glands and skeleton.
     What does Magnetic Resonance system of the first category mean?
- Innovative applications that enhance essentially clinical performance and speed of processing.
- Obtaining permanent Magnetic Resonance images of excellent quality
- Simplified planning of investigations and processing of obtained data 
- Fast and confident diagnosis of the most difficult diseases 
- Short-time examination from 15 to 45 minutes. 
- Easy “TIM coil” receiving gradient
- Audio comfort with reduction of Magnetic Resonance system’s sound up to 97%

     It is equipped with TIM soft (Total Imaging Matrix), ensuring excellent level of flexibility, precision and speed. It excludes the need to reposition the patient and to change manually the receiver coils. First class MAGNETOM Avanto provides full flexibility with innovative applications for all anatomical regions of the human body. Only MAGNETOM Avanto with TIM technology allows extraordinary and unparalleled examination of the entire human body at 205 cm field of view (FOV) of without repositioning the patient or changing the magnetic or receiving gradient.

     SIEMENS MAGNETOM SKYRA 3T is the best magnetic resonance system for clinical use in the world. The first magnetic resonance device with 3 Tesla magnetic field strength in the Republic of Moldova, Central and Eastern Europe was installed in August 2011 at the German Diagnostic Center. This fact has aligned German Diagnostic Center to the standards of the most developed European clinics and improved the quality of medical diagnosis in the Republic of Moldova

     The performance of this device is primarily characterized by thinness, accuracy and exceptional images quality due to Magnet TimTX TrueFormTM system and Gradient Design System, high resolution and many additional options provided by Siemens Magnetom Skyra 3T device. With the appearance of this device, a range of investigations which until now were performed solely through surgery, have become non-invasive, painless, without any risk to the health and integrity of the patient.

     Due to Dot Engines programs and Tim 4G technology, protocol individualization for each patient occurs, the fact that significantly increases scanning speed and improves patient’s comfort. In some cases the standard protocol requires only 2 minutes for an examination, which means that the patient spends less time within the device.
     Innovative features of this system allow examining obese patients due to mobile weight of the device that resists up to 250 kg. It is also recommended to people suffering from claustrophobia due to larger tube diameter (70 cm).

     3T SIEMENS Magnetom Skyra can perform an entire range of angiographic investigations, with the possibility to examine the dynamics of blood flow even in small vessels as the resolution allows the system to highlight vessels with a diameter of 0.1 mm. Its fitting allows the performance of a range of new diagnosis sequences for Neuroradiology such as Tractography – assessment of nerve tracts, Spectroscopy – determination of metabolic information in case of pathological intracerebral lesions and their classification into tumoral and non-tumoral, benign and malignant lesions, Functional MRI – assessment of integrity and function of the cerebral cortex by applying external stimuli, SWI – for visualization of fine intracerebral vascular structures and early determination of blood degradation products, etc. In the osteoarticular system: MAPIT that allows estimating the structure and degree of damage to the articular cartilage.

     Both magnetic resonance machines, i.e. SIEMENS Magnetom Skyra 3T and SIEMENS Magnetom Avanto  1.5 T, are equipped with ULRICH automatic metering units that allow us administering accurately the contrast substance, depending on the complexion of the patient, anatomical region to be examined and the type of investigation.

     Scientific and technical progress in the field of modern medicine has contributed to the welfare and health of the population through the changes in diagnostic practices, thus contributing to early and accurate assessment of treatment strategy. The appearance of SIEMENS Magnetom Avanto 1.5 Magnetic Resonance and SIEMENS Magnetom Skyra 3T has significantly simplified the procedure of diagnosing patients with unclear and difficult to diagnose pathologies or those requiring more thorough examination of the tissues!
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Infoline and Appointments
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