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What is Magnetic Resonance used for ?
     Magnetic resonance is used for imaging examination of the entire body and is efficient in the evaluation of:
- Brain disease
- Injuries
- Ophthalmic diseases
- Diseases of the spine
- Detection and staging of tumors
- Diseases of the liver and other abdominal organs
- Knee and shoulder disorders
- Musculoskeletal diseases
- Facial and cervical disorders
- Cardiovascular diseases, malformations
- Disorders of blood vessels, abnormal hemodynamics
What does Magnetic Resonance system look like ?
     The MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T SQ76x32 Magnetic Resonance System is a scanner with 1.5T high magnetic field.
     During the examination, you will be positioned comfortably on the table of the Magnetic Resonance System, usually on your back with a small pillow under your knees. The table is raised and introduced into a cylindrical tube with open ends throughout the Magnetic Resonance Examination. The head will be at one end of the tube and the feet at the other.
What is the method the Magnetic Resonance System operates ?
     After the patient is placed in the magnet of the Magnetic Resonance System, the magnetic field of the Magnetic Resonance System’s magnet aligns the hydrogen protons in the patient’s body.

     Radio frequency waves are absorbed by the protons and subsequently re emitted as a signal. A special device receives the signal and transmits it to the computer. The computer processes the obtained information and generates images of the patient’s body and organs.
     Magnetic Resonance Images are obtained when the signals emitted by the human body tissue are processed through Magnetic Resonance system program and transformed into clinical images. A Magnetic Resonance Examination lasts up to 30 minutes depending on the type of information required by radiologist.
     As a patient, you can help to get quality images by simple relaxation and maximum limitation of body movements. In fact, some patients may fall asleep during the Magnetic Resonance Examination.
     During the Magnetic Resonance Examination, a specially trained technician will always be available and will watch you over the entire investigation. For convenience, a verbal communication device is installed in the examination room, and in case you need anything, a technician will come immediately.
     In some cases, additional information is got by intravenous administration of the contrast substance.
     If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the technician or radiologist.
How to prepare for the Magnetic Resonance Examination ?
     Please register online or call to receive instructions. You will be asked a few questions about the history of the disease. You will need to provide information about your medical insurance.
     Please arrive at the German Diagnostic Center 20-30 minutes before your appointment and bring (if available) the medical insurance card and any other relevant diagnostic results (CT, conventional radiography or ultrasound results).
     If you receive medication at the German Diagnostic Center, please arrive an hour before and have a driver if driving.
     Magnetic Resonance Examination does not require special preparation of the patient.
     Dietary and daily activities do not require changes.
     If you are treated with medicines, continue the treatment and consult your doctor. Before entering the examination room, you will be asked to leave items that are not compatible with the magnetic field in a safe place in the preparation room of the patient. These items include:
- coins
- jewelry
- watches
- banking cards
- hearing aids
- keys
- metal clips
- other metal objects
     Eventually you will be asked to remove your makeup, to remove dental plaque and to wear a hospital gown to avoid interference from metal strap and zipper. Consult your doctor if you have had surgery on the brain, eyes, ears, or other operations, or wear any device other than those below:
- Pacemaker
- Neurostimulator
- Metal implants
- Surgical clips
- Medicines infusion implanted device
- Metallic foreign body in the eye
- Firearm wounds (bullets/shot)
- Permanent eyeliner
Is there any problem if I breastfeed or if I am pregnant ?
     If you are pregnant, please, inform your doctor and technician!
     If you think you are pregnant you should carry out a pregnancy test or wait menstrual cycle before the Magnetic Resonance Examination.
     If you breastfeed, then routine non-contrast Magnetic Resonance Examination is not a problem. However, if contrast administration during the examination is required, you must plan artificial baby feeding for 48 hours after the Magnetic Resonance Examination to allow the elimination of the contrast from the body.
What happens if I cannot lie still or want to get off the table ?
     The technician is in constant touch with you during the whole scanning period through an intercom system. If you feel uncomfortable during the scanning, inform the technician, who will provide you with all necessary assistance.
Is it possible to have my entire body scanned ?
     Due to our MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T SQ76x32 Magnetic Resonance System is equipped with SIEMENS syngo user interface in combination with TIM technology (Total Imaging Matrix), which allows scanning the entire human body during the examination, which was previously impossible.
What areas of the human body are investigated ?
     Magnetic Resonance Method examines the head, thorax, abdomen, vital organs, joints, spine, upper and lower limbs.

     Our sophisticated Magnetic Resonance System can diagnose diseases of the brain, cervical and entire human body blood vessels.
Why does the radiologist need my previous investigations (CT and radiography) ?
     The more information the radiologist has about previous investigations, the more specific and precise will be the interpretation of the Magnetic Resonance Examination. Correlation of Magnetic Resonance results with CT data, conventional radiography and ultrasonography is often very useful.
How expensive is the Magnetic Resonance Examination ?
     For information on the price of the medical services, please contact the Call Center or the reception of the German Diagnostic Center.
Will the results of my Magnetic Resonance Examination be kept confidential ?

     Your Magnetic Resonance Examination results will be communicated only to your doctor; no one will have access to the results without your consent.
How can I get copies of my Magnetic Resonance Images ?
     If you need copies of your Magnetic Resonance Images, you will get them in electronic media on CD/DVD or printed on special paper.
Ce este un examen medical prin Rezonanţa Magnetică?
Medicul Dumneavoastră a indicat un examen de Rezonanţa Magnetică pentru a afla mai multe date importante despre maladia Dumneavoastră. Noi am elaborat aceasta informaţie pentru a Vă informa cât mai amplu şi pentru a răspunde la toate întrebările Dumneavoastră.

Personalul medical al serviciului de Rezonanţă Magnetică este disponibil să răspundă la orice întrebări suplimentare pe care Dumneavoastră le aveţi, Vă rugăm să nu ezitaţi să întrebaţi. Rezonanţa Magnetică este o modalitate de imagistică medicală utilizată de către medicii imagişti pentru a examina organele interne a organismului uman şi a obţine date clinice diagnostice importante. Rezonanţa Magnetică obţine imagini ale organelor interne fără a utiliza radiaţia ionizantă cum este cazul radiografiei convenţionale sau Tomografiei Computerizate. Rezonanţa Magnetică este o metodă de examinare neinvazivă fără efecte adverse cunoscute. Rezonanţa Magnetică este o metodă de diagnostic importantă, indoloră, care permite medicului imagist de a privi unele zone anatomice din interiorul corpului uman, ce nu poate fi îndeplinit folosind doar radiografia simplă. Rezonanţa Magnetică produce o serie de imagini în mai multe planuri asigurând un contrast excelent dintre diferite ţesuturi moi. Rezonanţa Magnetică s-a dezvoltat atât de rapid în ultimii ani încât a modificat serios metodele şi modul de tratament. Medicii imagişti specialişti pot depista multe maladii la stadii mult mai precoce, ameliorănd cu mult rezultatul tratamentului şi prognosticul pentru pacient. Pentru Imagistica Medicală în serviciul nostru de Rezonanţă Magnetică se folosesc scanere de Rezonanţă Magnetică de ultima generaţie pentru a obţine imagini de o rezoluţie foarte înaltă a corpului Dumneavoastră. Aceste imagini vor da informaţie importantă medicului imagist pentru a diagnostica maladia Dumneavoastră şi va permite planificarea optimă a tratamentului necesar.

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Infoline and Appointments
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