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Complex medical examination

     Centrul de Diagnostic German knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle and offers, exclusively for Moldova, the HEALTH CHECK - a medical examination program for healthy people aimed at detecting diseases that have not yet been manifested, i.e. at their early stages of development.
     The Health Check program saves your precious time and allows you to take all examinations within one day at the same medical institution and receive all examination results and the necessary recommendations.
     Applying the model of some major centers from Germania, Centrul de Diagnostic German. We propose three packages of investigations that take into account the needs of each person.

     Health Check Express  - basic pack that is useful for every personaware of the need doing such periodic checks for maintaining the good status health. It is only one hour need to perform whole exams included in program, obtaining further a medical conclusion from the therapist-expert.

     Health Check Express children – it is a complex of medical tests and examinations specially completed considering age specifics. It'll be a pleasant experience for your child, that will improve his trust in doctors and his healthy living skills. And the results of such medical check will help you to avoid any thought about health of loved ones.

     Health Check Essential – examinations included in this pack are invidual and are specific regarding age, sex and each person particularities. Examination results from this package enable development of measures to improve your health at every age period.

     Health Check Premium – this maximal pack is including all examinations from Essential pack and includes whole body scan at Magnetic Resonance 1,5 Tesla, using the most performant clinical protocols. This ensure getting a complete and precise response regarding your health state.

     Complex gynecological examination – many specific diseases may be timely detected and cured due to the annual gynecological examination including a complete set of investigations. The gynecologist consultation is necessary before such experimentation and after getting the results, which shall permit you to be sure about your wellness.

     Oncological gynecological screening
– periodical testing and consultations are necessary to evaluate the risk of the specific women’s oncological pathologies progression or to detect the potential cancerous diseases which could be cured in case of timely findings.  

     Complex examination of the mammary gland
– mammary gland diseases are not always evident at early stages, though the majority of them can be prevented due to periodical medical examinations (at least once in 2 years). 

     Complex examination of the thyroid gland
– high risk of the thyroid gland pathologies specific to the Eastern Europe area makes us vigilant concerning its optimal functioning. Due to the harmless methods and high degree of sensibility we can check the structure and function of the thyroid gland paying very special attention to functioning of the whole body.

      A qualitative and accurate diagnostic conducted by cutting-edge medical equipment and qualified medical consultation will allow your health maintainance in good state and the detection of the health problems that may arise in the near future.

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Infoline and Appointments
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