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MRI Enterography
     MRI Enterography became a high-value method of diagnostication of small intestine diseases which is up to now difficult to examine due to anatomical peculiarities.

This examination is becoming more and more demanded by the medical specialists and patients due to the following advantages:
     • Moderate price in comparison to capsule endoscopy.
     • Noninvasive technology, well-tolerated by the patients if compared to traditional endoscopy.
     • Absence of the radiation
     • Multidimensional morphologic and functional evaluation of small intestine permitting to timely detect changes both intraluminal and extraluminal.

When the MRI Enterography should be prescribed:
     • Diagnostication and monitoring of the Crohn’s disease, timely detection of complifications.
     • Benign and malignant tumors.
     • Obscure gastrointestinal hemorrhages.
     • Other; (lymphoma, TBC, traumas after the radiation treatment).

- Bring all medical records related to the concerned part of the body: postoperative statements, data on the previous examinations, such as MRI (films and conclusions, if any), ultrasound and CT. The attending physician’s appointment is welcome. The doctor needs this information prior to diagnostic procedure, to analyze and plan the best course of examination.
*In case of emergency, MRI of the abdomen can be performed without prior preparation.

     Before proceeding to the examination itself, you will be asked by the doctor to put on a hospital gown!
Please note: the 3T MRI room is provided with microphones, so that you would be able to communicate to the doctor everything that might occur during examination.

     In is important that patient should come for the investigation one hour beforehand, on empty stomach, in order to take all the necessary medicines under the supervision of the physician.


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Infoline and Appointments
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bd. Negruzzi 4/2
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